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Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush & weekend hair results [picture heavy]

Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush & weekend hair results [picture heavy]

A week ago I took a trip to Boots and bought the Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush and it’s compadre the Everyday Paddle Brush. After today I won’t be straightening my hair for a while so I wanted super sleek results that would last for up to two weeks, hence where these two brushes came into hand.

With my transition in full force I find that I often get ‘poofy parts’ when straightening. Basically, the extra curly sections of my hair [especially the back] tend to need more than one heat pass in order to achieve the results I’m after, because my curl pattern is quite defined and needs more heat to get it straighter! I know that re-straightening is simply no good for my hair, so I figured the straightening brush would be perfect in helping straighten out my curls without heat whilst using heat, if that makes any sense!

Did it work? Err yes it sure did, I did one heat pass and the end results were soft and flowy tresses, my hair would literally fall through my fingers! Here are some pics followed by a review of the two brushes and how I used them.

BaByliss Ceramic Straightening Brush 

Price| £11.22
Claims| When used while blow drying, the ceramic coated plates heat up and retain heat to cut down on drying time. The ceramic coated plates also help frizz to give your hair a stunning silky smooth finish.
My experience 
Frizz control | The Straightening Brush definitely helped tame my frizziness, considering the fact that I airdried after my last wash, my hair was very frizzy. The brush smoothed out the frizz which I was then able to straighten effectively.
Silky finish | As you can see from the pics my hair ended up very smooth and silky, need I say anymore! 
My response | The bristles on the brush may look very harsh but they were not, I was sure to use a tad bit more of my leave-in conditioner topped with serum to ensure that it glided through my hair more easily. I found that if you actually hold the brush on it’s handle it gives a much lighter grip, than if you hold it closer to it’s head [which I was tempted to do initially for better grip]. All in all I used the brush for straightening rather than alongside my blowdryer, which is how the brush is supposed to be used according to instructions. I checked the brush for broken hairs after use and I barely found any, which means that this has now made a permanent stop on my product staples list.

BaByliss Everyday Paddle brush

Price | £9.18
Claims |  The Professional BaByliss Everyday Paddle Brush is great for everyday brushing and smoothing and works well with straight and wavy, mid to long length hair.

My response | I absolutely love this brush, I will be using it in the future alongside my blowdryer pik attachment but also as a detangling tool. I used this in place of my wide tooth comb and loved it. I will still use my wide tooth comb as this never disappoints, and will continue to observe this brush on my hair because I would like to see if the great results were due to my great co-wash experience, or if the brush was actually an all rounder.

My Kitchen: Carrot and Potato soup

My Kitchen: Carrot and Potato soup
Happy new week! Can you believe its February already? Crazy crazy crazy!
Month of love and that! What are you doing for Valentines day
So… today, got back from work and decided it was time for a food blog and what better than cream of carrot soup. not exactly everyones fave..but i do believe i jazzed it up and made it a hit. P.s it was my first time and i really do have to spud myself because it was… A-mazing! *big smile*
I took the recipe from www.cooks.com – it had no ratings and was very simple but i went for it anyway. p.s it really was a freestyle so bare with my quantity definitions! 


     2 carrots, peeled and then grated
     2 chicken stock cubes
2 big tablespoons of butter
1 onion finely chopped
1 dash of thyme seasoning
1 sprinkle of chives 
A few dashes of pepper
Fresh Parsley
1 potato thinly sliced
A dash of cinnamon
A splash of single cream


*Melt butter in pan then add sliced onions. Cook onions in butter until soft, then add grated carrot and sliced potato. Stir. Add stock cubes, chives, salt, pepper, parsley and cinnamon. Stir. Add mug and a half of water. Cover pot and allow broth to cook up until carrots and potatoes are soft.
*When carrots and potatoes are soft remove from broth and pour into processor or blender. 
*Once blended return to stove and allow to heat for 1 minutes on lowest heat.
*Finally serve and add cream as desired.
*You can also add pre-cooked chicken strips or beef strips to spice it up!
P.s- its not your typically Jamie Oliver ingredient list or method but it does work promise!

Event | Gidore Multi-Textures Hair Workshop with Felicia Leatherwood – The Inside Story

The Saturday ‘Multi-Textures Hair Workshop’ hosted by Gidore was superb to say the least. It was my first large-scale UK hair event, and I definitely left feeling even more inspired and encouraged to strive on with my healthy hair journey and transition.
Highlights of course were many! For one, I got to meet the effortlessy beautiful Lukwesa Burak, founder of Gidore and our favourite face of Sky news, as well as finally meeting Pelumi of Care For Your Hair, Akua of SheaButterCottage, Miss Laila J of Fusion of Cultures, Crystal of United KinKdom and Joycelyn of Afrocenchix – a fantastic group of women who have and continue to make progressive steps in encouraging healthy haircare practices in the UK. It was also lovely meeting some LYT Blog readers [whoop whoop]! My younger sister trodded along and it made my day knowing that she genuinely enjoyed it!
The main part of the workshop was taken and led remarkably by natural hair specialist & celeb stylist Felicia Leatherwood, who despite having spent most of the past few weeks on planes, still shared her chunk of hair knowledge with smiles. She discussed hair topics spanning from how to wash hair, right down to the pros and cons of weave wearing and child haircare. What I enjoyed most was the fact that we were reminded over and over again of how much versatility there is with natural hair care and that most importantly, however you chose to wear your hair, you should do so with ‘loving yourself’ as the focal point. The second half of the event was taken by Jane Carter and KeraCare who gave demos on how to use their products- the queues to buy some of the demoed products were ridiculous!
As for note taking, here are some of the interesting points I picked up…
* Good way to trial which conditioner works best for you is to part hair in 4 sections and try 
4 different conditioners per section, and see how your hair feels afterwards
* Soap residue from facial washes can cause issues with your hairline. Check that your
 face has been rinsed thoroughly after washing
* Avoid any products containing Phylates  whoopsie I mean Phtalates, they manipulate hormone levels in females
As for my hair, you will see in the pictures below that I wore an oddly messy bun! My curly bantu knot up do completely backfired on me so this was the last minute fix I decided to sport.
All in all the event was fantastic and definitely needs to take place again. There is so much to learn and unlearn with regards to everyday hair practices, and this truly was a learning experience. Thank you Gidore for your hard work and efforts in making this possible! Oh and of course for our yummy goody bags from your sponsors too!
Miss Leatherwood in action and the buzz in the hall!
Jane Carter and KeraCare product and styling demos
Moi and the beautiful Laila & Joycelyn
After many months of talking I finally got to meet Pelumi! 
Crystal [such a sweetheart] & Fiona
Isn’t her fro so spicy! Wunmi of Woman in the Jungle
Any thoughts Nubians? Laila & Kaila – stunning as ever
Kulchicbeauty – a friend of a friend newly discovered!
Made my day finally meeting Akua from SheaButterCottage
Joycelyn, Ayo & I
Photo owned by naturalselectionblog
Photo owned by naturalselectionblog 
For future hair events check out Gidore and Loving Your Hair With Natural Care 
till next time…

Beauty Corner: Ageless Beauties & Tips I’m Stealing from them right now!

Beauty Corner: Ageless Beauties & Tips I’m Stealing from them right now!

With the little time that I had off over Christmas I decided to take a trip down memory lane and browse through some of my older posts. It’s something I do once a year just before writing my goals for the new year, so that I can decide on which types of posts/series I will continue and those I’ll be parting ways with.

I stumbled upon a post I had written about Annette Larkins, the 72 year old who had me google-ing her profile for almost two days to find out the secret behind her 50 something year old-looking face!

Her secret? Juicing & Veganism

Now, I completely jumped on the smoothie/juicing bandwagon but my Nigerian roots were not very supportive of veganism so I let that one slide! A year later and with a wedding just months away, I’m taking my health and skin care routine to another level, and what better than to do so by getting some tips from the masters of ageless beauty themselves! Of course I plan on sticking to these tips post the big day, I’d have to be crazy not to!

Simply chose your fruit and veg, chuck them into a sandwich bag, and into the freezer they go ready to be used during the week. If you’re still not convinced and the thought of veggies in a drink gives you the shivers, check out my smoothie pinterest board, it inspired me to give it a try and I ended up pleasantly surprised.

NIA LONG – Again on the topic of Christmas, I indulged in a number of Christmas movies including one of my very faves ‘The Best Man Holiday’. I’ll admit I can overdo it when it comes to movies, I’ve seen this one five times! This time however I couldn’t help but focus on just how amazing Regina Hall, Sanaa Lathan and Nia Long looked. Whilst I know that makeup helped in making them look oh so fabulous, if you’ve stalked them as much as I have you’ll know that even without makeup these ladies are simply gorgeous.

As someone hoping to one day have some children of my own, I took particular interest in Nia’s skincare regimen. I just had to find out how a working mother of two managed to look so young. It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon an interview she did for BET, where she shared that she goes to bed greasy! Here is what she said:

‘The key to having great skin is to keep it super-duper moisturized. I go to bed greasy. I use a product from a line at Whole Foods, but it’s not expensive. It’s called Aura Glow from Heritage products. They have almond scented oil. I use it everyday, and my son uses it as well. It’s a staple in our house. I put it on in the shower whilst my skin is still wet.”

I’ve been giving this a try everyday since January 1st [after applying my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair], and I wake up with flawless skin, I exaggerate not! Aura Glow is a blend of Peanut oil, Olive oil, Lanolin oil and Almond oil. I made my own version using just Almond oil, Coconut oil, Rosehip oil and a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil. I don’t think I’ll ever turn back!

IMAN – Last but not least, a technique that I couldn’t get my head around for some time. Up until November 2014 I had only ever used SPF when going on holiday. The reason being, having grown up and lived in London all of my life where the sun plays hide and seek, I saw no need for sunscreen except when travelling abroad. After a debate or two with a European colleague at work who forces her Gambian husband to wear sunscreen, I began to do my own research. Reviews were mixed and I decided not to bother with it. That was until she dropped an issue of Pride Magazine on my table with a feature on Iman who mentioned that sunscreen is a must and that she commits to using this daily!

My Kitchen: Fish Filet Vegetable Ensemble

My Kitchen: Fish Filet Vegetable Ensemble
I absolutely love fish! Especially filets..no hassle..bones out and good to go. Plus i’m rice crazy..i could eat the stuff everyday…so I figured i’d make a healthy meal out of a few of my favourite things.
– 200g assorted fish filets cut ( namely: salmon, haddock and monkfish)
– Mixed peppers (red,yellow,green)
– Broccoli- i used fresh broccoli
– 1 Garlic clove
– 1 onion (medium)
– 2 tbsp Rapeseed oil
– Seasoning (according to taste- thyme, 1 maggi cube, pepper, pinch of curry powder, oregano and    sprinkle of crayfish)
– Rice


1) Prepare rice ( add water to pot and required amount of rice and bring to the boil). 
2)  Chop peppers (thin strips) , onions, garlic and broccoli
3) Once rice has been brought to the boil rinse ( some people disagree with this…I’ve been raised doing it!) Then replace with water just laying above rice layer)
4) Add 2 tbsps on Rapeseed oil to pan (medium heat)
5) Once oil has heated add chopped onions and allow to lightly fry before adding chopped garlic.
6) Allow to simmer for 2-3 minutes and then add fish filets.
7) Once fish begins to brown add sliced peppers and broccoli and then season to taste.
8) Cover pan and allow to steam for 5-10 minutes
9) Once rice is cooked serve alongside fish vegetable ensemble mix
and voila! Simple right!
x edF x

My In-Shower Scalp Stimulation Experience |Vanity Planet Shampoo Brush

My In-Shower Scalp Stimulation Experience |Vanity Planet Shampoo Brush

It’s no surprise that I’ve been on a serious growth enhancing hunt for the past five months! With successful results in the first four months of my six month speedy growth challenge, I have been determined to get the most out of the final weeks before my final length reveal in August.

Of all of the techniques I’ve put to the growth test, I must say tools have taken a serious seat on the bench, at least until I was sent the Vanity Planet Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush to give a whizz. Having read up on several reviews of the brush claiming that it does to some extent stimulate your follicles and increase blood circulation, I decided to set a whole day aside to give my hair some serious TLC, in preparation for my first try of this rather quirky in shower scalp massaging tool.

To start things off I rinsed the final remnants of my Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme [you may know from my washday transformation post how much I love this!], from the first section of my hair, and began to unravel my twist ready for what I was hoping to be a vibrating moment of amazingness.

So what actually happened? I applied some shampoo to my scalp and reached for the massager. The vibrations were in full mode and I gentle moved the brush around in circular motions. I wanted to love the massager but unfortunately found it to be quite painful, which took me back to why over the past few months I moved over to a hand/fingers only regimen. Without wanting to leave the shampoo on for too long I placed the massager down and commenced wash day with my hands/fingers.

Disappointed at the sensitivity of my scalp and first experience with the massager, I revisited another attempt at using the tool during my midweek scalp feeding session. This time things were different! I applied my Super Scalp Tonic [my go to for a serious scalp spa session] to my scalp and laid down on my bed with my head resting on my DIY Satin Pillowcase. I then began to slowly and gently massage my scalp with the brush. The vibrations this time were so good I slumped into bedtime mode and almost forgot about dinner!

So what was different about this time? I pondered on why my in shower experience was not as great at my out of shower experience, and whilst I couldn’t pick up on something super scientific I came to a close enough conclusion… the heat from the shower had opened up my pores, thus making them more sensitive than usual and making the massager seem quite heavy on my scalp.

I’m definitely glad I gave this a second try as it definitely works a treat, although my fingers always steal first place as my favourite tool!

2 Years Natural, Length Check & 6 Month Growth Challenge Results

2 Years Natural, Length Check & 6 Month Growth Challenge Results

 Yes, it’s finally here! The results of my 6 month growth challenge in preparation for my big day which now feels like so long ago. For those who aren’t quite sure of what I’m talking about here is a quick recap before you scroll down to see the results:

– Part One: How & Why I Plan On Speeding Up My Hair Growth
– Part Two: Three Drinks To Longer/Healthier Hair
– Part Three: Growth Challenge Updates & Changes

I’ve got to say I’m very happy with the amount of growth I retained from February right through to August, especially bearing in mind I was forced into a dusting session in mid May, after forgetting both my Satin Pillowcase and headscarf at home in London during a 5 day business trip. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly single strand knots and split ends can creep up on you if you give them the chance. A very unwelcome dusting session followed of course.

Looking back on the different changes I made to my lifestyle and hair care regimen in preparation for the challenge, a few things stuck out to me. The first, I was drinking water like never before. Besides my morning cup of lemon infused water and cups of water during the course of the day, I was also getting water from my Bamboo Tea and Super Green Smoothie. Internal hydration levels were sky-high and even my skin could account for it. The constant flushing out of toxins from my system not only benefited my hair regimen but made it more difficult for me to crave sugars or fast food because I felt so cleansed.

The second, external hydration. Having suffered from a dry and flaky scalp for years you may recall my water based stimulating dry scalp lotion , which not only helped me rid my scalp of flakes for good, but also did an amazing job during the 6 month challenge [when massaged unto my scalp], of relieving my scalp from any dryness and keeping it well hydrated. On top of this, in the last leg of the challenge I also turned to bi-weekly co washing which my hair just couldn’t get enough of, something I intend on pairing up with protective styling for maximum hair health and growth this winter. Did I mention exercise went out of the window in the last two months of the challenge due to a lack of time. I’m sure the extra blood flow and circulation would have done me some good but I must say I’m encouraged to have seen some progress never the less!

back lengthlcheck

So what’s next? Well, having seen just how well my hair takes to that extra bit of attention, I’ll be taking things a step further this winter with a brand new and more advanced challenge. All I can say for now is supplements, protective styling , exercise and weight gain. Look out for a post on this in a few weeks! 

What Practices Have You Implemented For Longer/Healthier Hair That Have Given Positive Results, Do Share?

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Castor Oil Challenge- Extended!

Castor Oil Challenge- Extended!

Bonjour lovelies,

as you know i talk a LOT about Castor Oil! I loveeee the stuff! I started my castor oil challenge Nov/Dec 2010 and to be honest i was a bit skeptical about its results. I knew i would review my hair growth in March 2011 and was scared that after all of my talk, Castor oil wouldn’t  have met up to its standards! Talk about faith right?!

Anyway despite my hair being in its 4th month without relaxer, i was still able to give it a stretch and see if it had grown.

And…yes it has! I guess i’ve made BSL (bra strap length- my nov 2011 goal). I won’t officially claim it, at least not until all of my hair reaches BSL. The middle of my hair is longer than the sides!

But yes i’m very happy with castor oil and the challenge, so i’ve decided to extend the challenge up until May when i would have reached 6 months of my stretch and of course the first half of the 2nd year of my hair journey. Until then folks i’ll be rocking a weave 🙂

Check out the castor oil challenge mix, and give it a try 🙂 Don’t forget massaging it into your scalp… it encourages scalp stimulation. Anyone can do this, even weave rockers! Just focus intricately on your scalp directly… you don’t want to get that good ol’ brazilian oily!


LYT Birthday Extravaganza Giveaway | DAY 2 – Black & Brown present the TANGLE TEEZER [CLOSED]

After a weekend of extremely limited internet connection and a few technical issues on the blog, I can finally say the Giveaway Extravaganza and blogging are back!

Today’s giveaway is another tool i’ve tried my hand at and have added to my keeper list! I used and reviewed the tangle teezer a week or so back and it definitely lives up to its claims; removing knots and tangles and giving one seriously smooth in shower detangling experience.
The lovely Stephenie, founder of Black & Brown [UK based company distributing organic and natural based brands throughout the UK, Europe and world], was kind enough to sponsor the Giveaway with not one but THREE Tangle Teezers! So if you want to save the dosh in your pockets for a rainy day then I guess this giveaway is for you!
Check out my review and pics here!  


– Simply leave a comment on this post saying how you detangle your hair best!!! – 
[please be sure to include your e-mail address in your comment entry so that you can be contacted. If you are not comfortable with this I can contact you if you are an LYT follower on Google Friend Connect]


– Entrants must be at least 18 years old to enter. If not, guardian permission must be given –
– Entrants must be a blog follower of LoveYourTresses on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin –
[links can also be found on the right hand side bar]


To give yourself an extra chance at winning you can also:
– ‘LIKE’ Black & Brown on Facebook and post on the Black & Brown wall saying ‘I would love to win the LoveYourTresses Tangle Teezer sponsored by Black & Brown’ –
[additional entries count as an extra submission only if you also remember to post the comment on this blog post first and also mention in your entry that you commented on the Black & Brown wall]
Entries are open worldwide!!!
NB: The LYT Birthday Extravaganza period and entries for giveaways will be finished/close on 26/05/12. Winners will then be announced the following Monday 28/05/12 and prizes sent soon after.
All my love 
Fiona ❥

The Hair Returns … Weave Take out & Wash day Tales

The Hair Returns ... Weave Take out & Wash day Tales

The weave has finally come out and i’m back to buns, buns and more buns! As usual my hair feels very light and thin having just come out of an install, it’s the one thing I don’t look forward to when taking a weave out. As for shedding, breakage, growth and overall results of my install, here is a quick breakdown…


I didn’t experience any shedding out of the ordinary. I’m no longer terrified by the ball of hair that comes out when removing a weave, because this is of course hair that should have shedded on  a daily basis, which was unable to due to being sewn up underneath.


I’m in need of a trim and ironically enough it seems that the hair I left out during my install is loudly screaming for one. I have a habit of combing my hair by the sink because I get a better idea of how much my hair may be breaking, and lately i’ve been seeing quite a few broken ends in the sink! I’ve decided to treat myself to a morning search and destroy dusting* session before my next wash this coming weekend! They are so satisfying and hopefully I can get rid of the ‘splities’ when doing it.

* search and destroy is simply searching for your split ends and getting rid of them a.k.a destroy! Dusting refers to a lighter version of trimming whereby you simply trim a minute amount of hair 


Yep my hair grew, of course it did! I went in on the stimulating scalp oil when rocking my install and the re-growth surely speaks for itself. I’ll be wearing my hair down in 2 weeks time and will try not to do a length check then because I want to hold out till I’m 6/7 months post. I wonder how much it has grown!

Now to my wash, post the weave take out…

As per usual I prepoo’d, shampoo’d and deep conditioned my hair. I also switched my trusty ORS Replenishing Pak for the Kerastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque I was sent to review. I’ll fill you in on that experience in one of my next posts, in the meantime here are some pics and the products I used too!

– Pre-poo’d in 4 sections with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer  –
– Washed in 4 sections with Anita Grant Babassu Shampoo bar –
– DC’d with heat using Kerastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque –
– Rinsed out DC and used a mix of Porosity Control & Aphogee 2 min Reconstructor for 2 minutes –
– Used Joico Leave – In Conditioning Detangler –
– Followed by a few pumps of Pantene Serum –
– Blowdried using the cool air setting –
– Straightened roots with 160 degree heat setting –
– Wrapped hair and secured with headscarf –

oh and before I finish… HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to each and every beautiful woman out there fulfilling her motherly duties xxx
Avec amour…
edF ❥