If you’re to ask me where I buy most of my hair products it’s definitely my local hair shop. It stocks just about every product that I have in my stash and cost wise it’s very friendly. There is however one range of products that I’ve yet to see on shelves, Dominican hair care products. I’m not sure why but all four hair shops I often go to just haven’t caught on, nor do they seem interested.

I spoke to the owner of my favourite store and asked why they were not stocked. His main reason was that  he hadn’t heard much about them, but was willing to reconsider looking into them if I came back to him with good news following my review.

Well here are my thoughts on the first Dominican hair care product I’ve ever used.

The first thing that struck me about the treatment was its claim to grow hair, at least that’s what I gathered from Google translate! Crece Pelo – Grows Hair. It’s the first deep conditioning treatment I’ve  used with such a claim, so my first action was to check the ingredients list and search for any growth promoting ingredients. It didn’t take me long to identify which ingredients would be responsible for growth, as the label was quite clear in stating that it was the natural plant extracts [hence the ‘phytotherapeutic’ title].

Of course I then took to Google to do my research on the plant extract properties, many of which [Laurel, Arnica, Nettle etc] did in fact have hair loss reducing and hair conditioning properties. So far so good.

I mentioned in the accompanying review video that the ingredients list layout was different to that of most products. The plant extracts and natural ingredients were listed separately from the non-natural ingredients. Initially I thought this was because ingredients which appear lower in a list usually have the lowest presence in the product. This wasn’t the case. I was advised by Dominican Hair Care that the plant extracts were in actual fact the sixth ingredient, and therefore the product contained a substantial amount of the extracts. I guess the producer just felt like going against the grain with their labelling!


As for the rest of the ingredients, nothing caught me by surprise. The usually deep conditioning suspects e.g. Water, Fatty alcohols, Humectants, Panthenol etc. I also noticed the presence of Dimethicone (though lower down the list). I thought it was worth the mention as not everybody responds well to cones.

Consistency, Scent & Packaging
Let’s start with the scent. On first opening the jar I must say I found the fragrance of the treatment to be quite strong. I even mentioned in my video review that it smells quite soapy, almost identical to the scent of a dove soap bar! This however wasn’t a deal breaker, as I came to find I really liked how fresh it made my hair smell after being rinsed out.

My favourite feature of the treatment at least when it comes to consistency, scent and packaging, is its thickness. Somewhat like a super thick set yoghurt which would not slide out of its tub when turned upside down. Forgive my lack of a better description, you can see what I mean in the video.
As soon as I apply this to my hair it tames my strands and the softening process kicks off. I’ve used the treatment three times now and there’s still so much of it left.

Hair Experience
I’m sure you’ve already guessed I’m a fan of this product. Not because of its claim to grow hair (which I can’t vouch for just yet), but because of how it makes my hair feel. As I mentioned already it makes my hair feel soft, a softness I expect with high quality deep conditioners. One observation I made which caught me by surprise was that this treatment also strengthens my hair. Yes it softens and strengthens! It’s hard for me to explain but I genuinely feel like my hair is in better health after using this product, it goes way beyond just adsorbing (molecules adhering to strands and softening hair from the outside), it penetrates too. I guess the presence of hydrolysed silk may explain this, giving my hair a whole lot of moisture as well as a subtle protein fix.

I had a lightbulb moment whilst preparing this post. Imagine the wonders this treatment would be if I add some oil to it! Oh my goodness I can’t wait for washday!

I was able to scoop up a discount code [lyt10] for any one who wants to give the treatment a try, and would love to know about your experiences with Dominican hair products in general.

*A huge thank you to the Dominican Hair Care team for sending me this to review, no doubt I’ll be trying some other Dominican products very soon!