From the very first day I started my natual hair journey I was keen to get my hands on a set of Curlformers. I remember watching a Curlfomers video tutorial by Naptural85 on Youtube, and dreaming of being able to achieve the same gorgeous bouncy curls that she had. Fast forward two years later and they finally made their way into my haircare tools stash when I decided to treat myself over the Christmas period. Besides Straighteners, these are my most expensive hair tool, hence the delay and constant debates as to whether or not they would be worth the investment. Well I’m pleased to say these are going to get their fair share of use, I absolutely love them!


Now I have to be honest with you, I didn’t quite achieve the results I had hoped for on my first attempt at using these. Hubby decided last minute that we would be going out for dinner which meant my plan to dry for at least ten hours was reduced to six, and we all know what happens when you try to style semi-dry natural hair #Thefrizztakeover! 

On a normal day I would be disappointed with working with semi-dry hair especially for hairstyles which are supposed to give sleek and smooth results, but my love for Curlformers truly came when I threw my hair into a bun and saw just how thick and voluminous it made my hair appear to be. Fine haired girls rejoice! 

So if you’re still on the fence about these let me tell you they are awesome and will be featuring on the blog again very soon! 


One of hubbys biggest observations throughout the course of our courting period [7+ years], was that I wasn’t very experimental with my hair, at least when it came to hairstyles. Even going back as far as my relaxed hair days, photos bear witness to the fact that I lived in buns 95% of the time and very rarely left my hair out. My long time blog readers may even recall my 30 day hairstyle challenge, which was suggested by you know who [Hubby], and my older sister to force me into being more experimental!

Life with natural hair on the other hand has been a completely different ball game.  From wedding hairstyle prep, to wigs, to twist outs, to updos and down dos, but one thing is for sure, the low sleek bun will ALWAYS be my first love!

A New Favourite | Top Knot Faux Bun Tutorial

Yes I know, where have I been?! Ladies the count down is real, less than 30 days before I say I do and the pressure is building! Wedding planning thus far has been a walk in the park, in fact it’s been so relaxed I would do it all over again! *Disclaimer* If of course someone else would settle the bill!!! But now with just a few weeks to go my weekdays and weekends are a mixture of Bridal showers [yes plural], final guest list screening and ordering furniture and other things for our new home.Either way I’m here and whilst the blog may have been neglected for a few weeks, my hair most certainly hasn’t. Mind you I’m always talking Haircare on one of my other social media outlets so if you’re wondering where I am they are a great place to start!

A New Favourite | Top Knot Faux Bun Tutorial

Right so enough of the excuse making and back to this post! Over the past couple of weeks London has seen almost all four seasons and the current season is [thank God] summer! Whilst I absolutely adore this time of the year, it almost always reverts my twist outs back to a fro as soon as I get on the train for work in the morning. To deal with my reversion frustrations I decided a few days back to go for a slightly different look and ended up with this sleek top knot bun.Now before you hit play on the video, let me say this is an awesome protective style for both natural and relaxed hair. The trick is to find some hair extensions which suit the texture of your hair and then the work is done. You can remove the faux hair before bed and do a quick Moisturise and Seal or LCO session before you hit the sack.


I put my hands up, I am indeed boring when it comes to styling my hair!

Over the years my sisters and hubby have commented on how often I recycle the same hairstyles. Each and every time they start with their remarks I jump straight into defence mode and give them the usual low manipulation and protective styling excuse. ‘If I change my hair too often it will break’, ‘my scalp is too sensitive for multiple hairstyles’, ‘I’m protective styling’… the list goes on.


Well I realised last week, after 4 weeks of rocking straight (blowdried) natural hair, that they were right! How is it that I had worn one hairstyle for 4 weeks without switching it up once?  You’d think a top knot bun was the only hairstyle known to man!

Unfortunately this discovery came a week too late, because I’ve since washed my hair and returned back  to my curls and kinks. Nevertheless I’m pretty sure there are others out there craving for some hairspiration for those special occasions when they blow dry or straighten their natural hair. So without further a do here are 5 out of many ways to style straight natural hair: