Happy Friday Lovelies,

I’ve been talking about this post for a few weeks now and I’m super excited to finally share it with you!

Back in August 2018 I had my hair cut to the shortest length I can recall myself ever having. I was craving the tapered fro look and figured my hair would grow back in no time. Then, a month later Mr LYT decided to hijack the trip I had planned for his birthday and turn it into a surprise proposal! Once all of the excitement had settled in we agreed that we would like a 2015 wedding but it wasn’t until the date was secured and friends and family were on board that I had another huge shock! I suddenly remembered how short I had cut my hair and began to panic about how I would get it to grow longer in time for the big day.

So that’s basically how I came about this post and the ‘Speedy Growth Challenge’

I won’t go into too much detail as to how I decided upon the methods below, but all I can say is that as a future bride who wants to wear her own hair on her big day, desperate times calls for desperate measures and I’m pulling out all of the stops!

So here it goes already, my four steps to faster hair growth in 6 months! Wish me luck!!!


Water, Tea, Smoothie
Besides the obvious benefits of keeping hydrated I will be taking my daily intake of fluids to the next level. You may remember me mentioning in my ageless beauties post how much of a difference my Smoothie/Juice a day challenge in 2013 made to my overall health, and how I noticed a few [very minor] health issues when I fell off the bandwagon. It was almost like my body was craving what it had previously enjoyed and was having a cold turkey moment when I stopped!

Since the start of the year I’ve been following the regimen below quite strictly and I’m convinced it will help me in achieving the growth I need over the next 6 months.

Morning: Cup of warm Lime or Lemon infused Water [hydration is key for healthy hair]
Before Lunch: Cup of Bamboo, Rosebud and Grapefruit Tea [Silica and Antioxidant rich]
After Lunch: 1l of water
Early Evening: Fruit & Veg Smoothie [using my trusty Nutribullet]

Join the challenge: If you find all of these steps too overwhelming, start off by increasing your water intake at least. Feel free to substitute your smoothie/juice with fruit and leafy greens with your meals. The most important thing? Stay hydrated!


Drown Your Ends in Oil
Now I know this may sound a little crazy but the method literally is exactly that, drowning your ends in Oil! Our ends are the oldest and driest parts of our hair and undergo a lot of manipulation, the end result of course being single strand knots or split ends. Every wash day I will be rubbing some oil unto my damp ends before I commence with styling. On top of this I plan on spraying the absolute tip of my ends with my Misto Oil Spray mix every night so that my ends are always lubricated. So far I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks straight and it does not weigh down my ends. I’m guessing this is because the Misto Sprayer is so great at its job!

Join the challenge: Even if you don’t make a habit of moisturising and sealing everyday, try to at least moisturise and seal your ends. If you can only seal then that’s great too.

Exercise, Yoga & Inverting
Yes you read it right! I’ll be inverting my way to longer hair but not just for the reasons you may think. I heard about the inversion method for hair growth some months back and whilst I was impressed by some of the results I saw on Youtube, I was also very skeptical. The idea of flipping your head upside down for the sake of hair growth just didn’t sit well with me. This was until two weeks ago when I decided to finally use the Bikram Yoga voucher one of my colleagues bought me for my birthday last year.

The super warm air in the yoga room had me close to fainting and I almost decided to leave the room and call it a day until the yoga teacher did a pose I believe is called the Shirshasana [pretty much a headstand]. I saw this and my energy and alertness came right back! All I could think was yes the inversion method is a form of exercise!!!

Whilst I didn’t attempt the pose then and there I did give it a try at home up against my bedroom wall. I have now included it in my tri-weekly exercise session. My version however unlike the inversion method does not include a head massage. I think this may be taking things a little too far considering I’m already upside down!

Join the challenge: If like me you’re not the biggest fan of traditional exercise then workout clips or videos are the best. I absolutely love Zumba! Increasing your heartbeat will increase blood circulation even to your scalp, plus the benefits of exercise are endless.

Scalp Cream Over Oil
Last but not least, I will be giving my scalp some extra TLC over the next few months and hopefully for the long run. Ever since I made a habit of washing my hair every week I have noticed that I can easily go without applying anything onto my scalp until the next wash. I’ve seen since my cut in August that even when I seldom use anything on my scalp that my hair grows, let alone if I were to feed it with a moisturising and stimulating scalp cream every day.


The cream is extremely simple to make and the best part is it’s packed with a whole bunch of goodness: stimulants, ceramides, silica and sulphur! Did I mention the cool and refreshing tingle it gives when applied to the scalp?! I massage this onto my scalp every day or every other day in the evening before bed.

I choose to use a cream over an oil simply because I find creams to be more moisturing and I experience less product build up with them. I haven’t however abandoned my Super Scalp Tonic. I massage this onto my scalp a day before wash day so that my scalp can enjoy its benefits without any worry of product buildup.

Here is the recipe for the scalp cream [I’ll do a more detailed post on this next week]:

100ml Aloe Vera Gel
1 tspn of MSM Powder
1 tspn of Horsetail Powder
A few drops of Lavender Essential Oil
A few drops of Pimento Essential Oil
A few drops of Camphor Essential Oil
A few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
2 tbsps of Chamomile Floral Water

Join the challenge: Add some drops of a stimulating essential oil to your favourite scalp oil or to a cup of Aloe Vera gel. Make a habit of massaging this onto your scalp every day or every other day.

So there it is, nothing too out of the ordinary but definitely some methods I plan on committing to. If you’re up for the challenge too then please let me know, I could do with a power team on this! Don’t forget to take a photo of your current length and don’t be too hard on yourself. Practice makes perfect! The challenge will officially start next week Monday!


From the very first day I started my natual hair journey I was keen to get my hands on a set of Curlformers. I remember watching a Curlfomers video tutorial by Naptural85 on Youtube, and dreaming of being able to achieve the same gorgeous bouncy curls that she had. Fast forward two years later and they finally made their way into my haircare tools stash when I decided to treat myself over the Christmas period. Besides Straighteners, these are my most expensive hair tool, hence the delay and constant debates as to whether or not they would be worth the investment. Well I’m pleased to say these are going to get their fair share of use, I absolutely love them!


Now I have to be honest with you, I didn’t quite achieve the results I had hoped for on my first attempt at using these. Hubby decided last minute that we would be going out for dinner which meant my plan to dry for at least ten hours was reduced to six, and we all know what happens when you try to style semi-dry natural hair #Thefrizztakeover! 

On a normal day I would be disappointed with working with semi-dry hair especially for hairstyles which are supposed to give sleek and smooth results, but my love for Curlformers truly came when I threw my hair into a bun and saw just how thick and voluminous it made my hair appear to be. Fine haired girls rejoice! 

So if you’re still on the fence about these let me tell you they are awesome and will be featuring on the blog again very soon! 


I’m so happy to finally be able to share the results of my 6 month protective style challenge with you. Unlike any other challenge [check out the initial challenge video here] or length check I’ve done here on the blog, this one had me particularly nervous. There were a few occasions just before the official length check reveal, when I became slightly panicked by the thought of a set back. There’s no doubt I’m extremely happy things didn’t turn out that way.

I’m in the process of putting together a post on top tips for growth when protective styling, but until that is ready I have a new video up on YouTube showing my progress, as well sharing on the rules of the challenge that I followed and those that I didn’t.


One of hubbys biggest observations throughout the course of our courting period [7+ years], was that I wasn’t very experimental with my hair, at least when it came to hairstyles. Even going back as far as my relaxed hair days, photos bear witness to the fact that I lived in buns 95% of the time and very rarely left my hair out. My long time blog readers may even recall my 30 day hairstyle challenge, which was suggested by you know who [Hubby], and my older sister to force me into being more experimental!

Life with natural hair on the other hand has been a completely different ball game.  From wedding hairstyle prep, to wigs, to twist outs, to updos and down dos, but one thing is for sure, the low sleek bun will ALWAYS be my first love!