D.I.Y | 15 ways to wear a Headscarf [Photo Heavy + Video Tutorial]

I’ve become a head wrap junkie of late, it started off as the perfect bad hair hideaway solution but now I just love the diversity it gives. I’ll let the pics and video speak for themselves, but I’m hopping they can provide some ‘bad hair day’ or ‘different style day’ inspiration for you. Instead of switching up your hair why not just switch up your headscarf styles, reduce hair manipulation! *wink wink* Apologies for the gap between this post and the last it’s been rather hectic on my end, I now have a personal trainer so that’s one day of no blogging, a close friend had a baby so I’ve spent some evenings with her and the past week and a half included a trip to outside London with limited Internet time, a trip to Thorpe Park for the baby sisters birthday amongst many other things! All I know is I’m super glad it’s Friday tomorrow!!! I refuse to bore you any longer so here go the pics and video already, I’d love to know your fave style!